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SCHS Anime/RPG Club [entries|friends|calendar]
SCHS Anime/RPG Club

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[01 Apr 2006|09:12pm]

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[21 Jan 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm working on trying to get a hold of our vice president Pat as soon as I can before the next activity day. He hasn't shown up to many of the meetings and as far as I know to none of the club events. If he does not show up for the next meeeting he shall know longer have the position of vice president. Those of you who read this, you may have the opportunity to run for vice president at the next meeting if you wish and if Pat does not show up and/or does not start showing any responsibility in helping out with the club. He's done absolutely nothing. So decide if you want to run or not, I'm hoping for some involved members, preferably who will do both anime and rpg activities though it is not a requirement, and who will help out whenever necessary.

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[07 Dec 2005|06:50pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

First post here, wOOt! :) Today was activity day so people should just be starting to check out the anime club livejournal. Check the userinfo link at the top of the page to see the nifty anime/rpg club banner that I made. I'll start off by posting some upcoming anime and manga releases for December.

Don't forget to check next week with your homeroom teacher for anime night info and directions! If you have any questions you should be able to find me in the cafeteria in the morning.

December 2005
R.O.D. UMD 1 12.13.2005
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz UMD 12.13.2005
Gundam Seed Movie 1 UMD 12.13.2005
Madlax DVD 5 'Convergence' 12.13.2005
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok DVD 2 12.13.2005
Planetes DVD 4 12.13.2005
Saiyuki DVD Collection 6 12.13.2005
Samurai 7 DVD 3 (LE) 12.13.2005
Samurai 7 DVD 3 'From Farm to Fortress' 12.13.2005
Scrapped Princess DVD 5 'Prophecies & Parents' 12.13.2005
Scrapped Princess DVD 5 (LE) 12.13.2005
Scryed UMD 1 12.13.2005
Stellvia DVD 8 12.13.2005
Super Gals DVD Collection 12.13.2005
Tenjho Tenge DVD 4 12.13.2005
Tetsujin 28 DVD 2 'Tetsujin vs. the Mafia' 12.13.2005
Trigun UMD 1 12.13.2005
Yukikaze DVD 2 12.13.2005
Case Closed TV 5 DVD 5 'Covering Up' 12.20.2005
DearS DVD 3 12.20.2005
Fighting Spirit DVD 9 'Speed Star' 12.20.2005
Gatchaman DVD 7 12.20.2005
Gatchaman DVD 8 12.20.2005
Gatchaman DVD Collection 4 12.20.2005
Ghost Stories DVD 2 12.20.2005
Jubei Chan 2 DVD 4 'Unification' 12.20.2005
Nuku Nuku TV DVD Collection 12.20.2005
Samurai Gun DVD 3 12.20.2005
Ultra Maniac DVD 5 'Magical Transformation' 12.20.2005
Melody of Oblivion DVD 4 12.26.2005
Saiyuki Reload DVD 6 1 2.26.2005
Starship Operators DVD 1 'Revolution' 12.26.2005
Dan Doh 'Super Shot' DVD 1 12.27.2005
Dirty Pair Original OVA DVD Box 12.27.2005
Gilgamesh DVD 4 12.27.2005
Gundam - Zeta Gundam DVD 3 12.27.2005
Gungrave Complete Collection (thinpack) 12.27.2005
Hikaru no Go DVD 1 12.27.2005
Panda Z DVD 3 12.27.2005
Sakura Wars TV DVD Collection 12.27.2005
Sukisho DVD 2 'Rules of Attraction' 12.27.2005

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